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Famous Artists Idea Sheet with Country of Origin, Category, Element of Art and Working Ideas...

Easy Silhouette Wall Art -- Could do this on a white canvas, too!

A website with all of the Elements of Art/Principles of Design. Really awesome handmade posters--making some myself right now for my class room.

smART Class: Floating on to ___ grade!! End of the year project! these look like real bubbles!

I saw a video in which an artist is doing this large scale... this would be cool as an art class lesson!

Andy Warhol style portraits: trace a black and white photo with black sharpie on overhead transparency. Write your name on the side with the sharpie lines. Flip the acetate over and color with 4-5 colored sharpies (pick colors that contrast). This lesson is for 5th grade. Talk about portraits, contour lines, and pop art before starting. Will take about 4-5 class days to complete

Foil art elementary education. -Percy Jackson's camp half blood shield project

Foil art elementary education. -Percy Jackson's camp half blood shield project

Learn how to draw a sunset today! Children friendly!

fooling the eye with geometric shapes in art - the side shadow really helps w/this - add to op art and zentangle lessons

Compass Painting ~ a fun and playful way to combine math and art! Who knew school supplies could be so fun!

15 Minute Art Project: Hand Painted Tissue Paper {for gift bags} This is a lesson in pattern. [The Unlikely Homeschool]

Andy Warhol and Pop art with this engaging resist art project.

Roll A Picasso Art Game. This game is played individually with a dice. The students roll the dice and draw the appropriate part to create portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso. After rolling the dice 4 times your students will have completed a portrait in the style of a Master Artist. After completing one, the students can start the game over.

Perfecto para esas paredes de pizarra que en estos momentos proliferan tanto y al final quedan totalmente emborronadas. Por cierto si pintáis una pared en pizarra podéis escoger una nueva pintura que es magnética y así ademas de utilizar la tiza se puede utilizar el imán.

Art Task Cards, The Complete Set -- 48 art activities ... Set 1 and Set 2 combined: elements of art, drawing, collage, symmetry, painting, overall composition.

Five Super Easy Art Lessons - No special materials, no preparation -- fun for kids, easy for teachers, and great for substitutes!