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The most fun group game you will ever play. Once you play, you will agree. Instructions for making the Candy Ball and playing the game.

Baby Shower Idea: Conversational Diapers Have everyone write something on diapers for parents to read for late night diapers changes. Hilarious!

How To Make 18 inch Tissue Paper Flowers

25 Adult birthday party ideas, printable, and crafts. (30th, 40th, 50th, 60th)

Have Baby Shower guests decorate wooden blocks with paint pens. 1 1/2 inch wooden blocks can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.

On a baby shower invite: "One small request that won't be too hard, Please bring a book instead of a card. Whether Cat in the Hat or Old Mother Hubbard, you can sign the book with your thoughts in the cover. Your book will be cherished, well loved or brand new, but please don't feel obliged, we will leave it up to you."

a million ideas for parties (foods/how to present, etc.)

Pinterest Party - they all made a food they found on pinterest and brought it to share and then hung out and made two crafts from pinterest! I totally want to throw this kind of party!

JELLO Jigglers Food Creations-wash out leggos and fill them with jello. BRILLIANT!

styrofoam ball, hot glue, and any flower you choose!

I never thought of this before--buying plain cake donuts and making your own icing (powdered sugar + milk + gel coloring) and using your own sprinkles to match any color scheme.

Baby shower gift in a tub - 15 things new moms really favorite type of gift to give

Freeze green grapes to keep white wine (or any drink) cold - nice presentation plus doesn't water anything down!

What a great way to serve salad at a BBQ, no bug/fly problems! Place in a bowl of ice even to keep things cool