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:: Dog Safe Foods :: @Aubree Shay Nolan I am still on the fence about avocado's.... I am pretty sure it it just the pits that are bad. I give them to Jagie all the time.

For Thanksgiving, Help Spread the Word on Food Safety for Dogs | Dogster

Pumkins! Yes Pumkins is another weird Human Foods Safe For Dogs [Because...]A pumpkin is a fantastic source of vitamin A, Fiber and beta carotene. Trend towards a healthy diet with plenty of fiber and all the essential vitamins and proteins your dog needs. Pumpkin is one way to help you blog.nobrainerdog...

Human Foods Safe For Dogs Yogurt for Dogs. Always a great source for your dog’s calcium and protein, yogurt is another one of our top ten human foods safe for dogs. Pick a fat free yogurt with no added sweeteners, or artificial sugar, - See more at: blog.nobrainerdog...

Human Foods Safe For Dogs Flax Seed for Dogs Flax Seed for dogs. Grounded or in oil form flax seed is a nourishing source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in helping your dog maintain good skin and a shiny healthy coat. You Think [Thats] Weird look at this nobrainerdogtrain...

❤ Not all human foods are safe for dogs! This is important information that could even save the life of your dog! ❤

Human Foods Safe For Dogs. Like everything we eat, we need balance. So we want to do our best for our best-friends, who rely on us to keep that balance at a high performance level.  The idea of giving your dog human foods safe for dogs is to ensure your dog is getting the necessary nutrition it needs, which can’t always be found in even the best of natural dog foods.  Be smart keep a good balance of nutritious To See the List Go To: blog.nobrainerdog...

The side effects of different kinda of food Dogs can't eat !!!

10 Most Toxic Foods To Dogs. March is Poison Awareness Month for Pets!! The caffeine in chocolate is what's dangerous for pets, please do not let them drink cokes either! Dogs are not supposed to have butter or salt too.

Weekly Drool Recipe: Easy Crockpot Chicken & Brown Rice | Best Bully Sticks Healthy Dog Blog

Recipe for Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats - this is awesome! My dog lovesss dehydrated sweet potatoes but they're expensive for a bag from the pet store - definitely going make these!!

Tight budget? DIY gift guide (30 photos) - DIY-christmas- 21

Pet friendly recipes

Chicken Jerky Dog Treats | Healthy Pet Recipes

Two great homemade pet treat recipes to make with your kids and share with your pets! (recipe is good for humans too)

Christmas Pup Pops: Need a present for your favourite pooch? These are a snap to make and will be a big hit with your furry bestie. Perfect for little hands to help with too! {dog treats | pet recipe}