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Setting, plot

Character, Setting, & Major Events (Common Core RL.1.3 & RL.1.7)

Author Study for Chris Van Allsburg and Tomie DePaola Teaching RL 3.9: Compare and Contrast theme, setting, and plot of two stories by the same author about the same or similar characters, as well as RL 3.4 distinguishing literal from nonliteral language. This is a 40 page, 6-week unit I will be teaching from Thanksgiving-the end of January, with the Polar Express hot chocolate party coinciding with the last day of school before Winter Break!

TACO Story: 1 paper plate and construction paper for the meat/beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese. Students write TOPIC on the meat/beans, CHARACTERS on the lettuce, SETTING on the tomato, and PLOT on the cheese. This could also be used for sequencing and mexican/hispanic folktale or story.