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Thanksgiving Crafts - I remember whenever I want to my grandma's for thanksgiving she would have a picture of a turkey, and we would color it in. Idk what's so awesome about that, but there were lots of good memories, and now she's coming here!!

FREE Printable Thanksgiving placemats - Keep the kids busy while you cook your Thanksgiving Dinner! #holidayideaexchange

Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Table Decorations: Harvest centerpiece



would be cute if instead of pb cups I'd use chocolate cupcakes upside down on a thin disc of ganache as a plated dessert

I buy these mini pumpkins every year and have a TON of glass containers. Why have I not thought of displaying them like this?? LOVE!

We'd like to add, be careful of how long you let the acorns sit in the glass vases. If you gather them from the ground, they have tiny worms inside that tend to crawl out when conditions are moist and warm (like at the base of a candle.) Not that we've noticed worms in our centerpieces before or anything. #truth #notwhileI'meating

Thanksgiving Tree PDF Thanksgiving printable Thanksgiving sign - the link is to buy from an etsy shop, but I could do this on own...maybe even on a chalk board?