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You failed. OUTSTANDING! 37 second video to reinforce that failure is an important part of learning! Terrific as a discussion starter!

Comprehension Strategies...Questions to Help Kids Understand What They Are Reading. Great list to have handy during homework time and bedtim...

set of 2 Scallop Monogram Notebook

Does it Dissolve? Give kids water and some stuff to put in it and see what happens

What a genius way to get all 400 required sight words by 1st grade in one easy fun game! Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Scott Foresman Reading Street Stick Game

10 Writing Mistakes

LOVE this resource for descriptive words....useful for social skills connections~ASD

Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions...genius! Why didn't someone teach me this way?

10 WAYS TO PRAY FOR YOUR CHILD'S NEW TEACHER! If you're a TEACHER, come share what we could add to the list! If you're a momma who is praying for her child's new teacher, come share some of the things you pray for.

Type in your formulas and it explains how to get the right answer! Keep this for future use when kids are older!

20 Awesome iPad Apps to help teach reading skills

Science fair experiments.. Because you never know when your kid will need an idea

Equivalent Fractions | Help With Fractions

FREE From My Blog = Three Government Branches Song shown on smart board in my classroom for my kiddos to sing to. I was so surprised how this song really helped them retrieve this information regarding what each branch of government is reasponsible for. www.3rdgradegrape...

Equivalent Fractions | Help With Fractions

motions to learn the Original 13 Colonies

Poems for how to form each number. My son mastered every number in kindergarten because of these poems, number 5 was a favorite

read through some. for sure helpful

what to do after kids learn their abc's -- next steps to get kids reading! AWESOME WEBSITE!