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Middle School Common Core

Hotel Rwanda: Included in this unit are the following: ➢ Links to various articles ➢A multiple choice quiz with 7 questions and answers ➢ 6 discussion questions ➢ Article from the United Human Rights Council on the Genocide in Rwanda ➢ 7 questions and answers to the United Human Rights Council’s article ➢ Brief except from Time magazine ➢Summary from IMDBPro ➢Images from the film ➢PDF versions of this file with and without background image AND MORE $

While many teachers use Socratic Circles or Seminars as a way to engage their students in higher order thinking skills, they do not teach the actual Socratic dialogues as they are difficult to teach to Middle School or High School students. This unit takes a small section of Plato’s APOLOGY and makes it accessible to younger students. This is a self-contained unit on The Socratic Method. (GRADES 7+) CCSS are listed on product page - it covers a wide range. $

Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc

Literary Newsletters and Brochures for ANY Text - Students practice specific Common Core Reading Standards in a fun format creating newsletters and brochures that look great on display in your classroom. Use ANY literary texts you choose with these attractively-designed, easy-to-use products. A creative change of pace from the formats of paragraphs and essays! ($)

Need something new for plants? Here are some crafty, hands-on materials to help your students learn the parts/functions of the leaf, visualize the groups of plants, and understand the differences between monocots and dicots.

OUTSIDERS - Free-Writes: Journal-style Writing Prompts - Engage you students with these 12 short writing topics for S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders (one for every chapter) on attractive slides. Product also includes a convenient 4-page “Free-Writes Log” handout for student responses. Meaningful topics require students to describe, explain, and provide reasons and examples. Great discussion-starters! ($)