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Cotton Candy on a Glow Stick

Scoop out the watermelon, cut a hole to fit a keg shank and fill with watermelon drink of choice.

Fun for a Christmas party at any age

Bee piñata? Yes, please.

So cute for a party (balloon walkway).

Balloon covered glasses as vases. Nice idea for commitment-free dinner party decor.

Hiking Journal/Trail Bingo. Cute idea for a hiking party.

- Blonde Designs Blog - hiking party

Each person brings their favorite thing and gives it to 5 other people at the party.

I love this idea as party favors for Thanksgiving or a Halloween party. Add a bit of unflavored gelatin to the whipped cream to keep the cream from falling.

From inchmark: Birthday tradition. We go around the dinner table and each person takes a letter of the alphabet, and we say something nice about the birthday girl/boy. A is for Artistic! B is for the Beautiful! We go around and around the table until we get to Z (which can be a difficult letter, you have to get creative).

I think this is best suited for kids between the ages of 4 and 6, and I loved hearing the answers kids had for questions like "When my mom grows up, she wants to be ____________." or "I'm going to live with my mom until I ___________." Priceless!