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Little House of Four: 15 Free Art Printables

Little House of Four: 15 Free Art Printables

DIY sign making tutorial from thankfullythrifty. Expensive look for a lot less money!

Sign Making Tutorial!

This recipe for Homemade Lavender Bath Salts is SO easy and fun to make! Try using different essential oils and food coloring colors -- the variations are endless!

Cute DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters Craft by @Michael Dussert Dussert Dussert Wurm, Jr. {}

I could even do this...cardboard letters with yarn - any words for any room Last Name perhaps?

Wedding, birthday, anniversary or baby! Great gift idea!

Different ways to decorate wood letters. Love these for gifts, baby showers, parties, kids room, front door.

Spray paint bottle caps, paint a tray white, arrange dry caps on dried tray, next used "acrylic water" to pour over the caps. 2 part epoxy is sold at HL & Michael's, but it is cheapest at Walmart, in Floral Dept. Follow the directions, mix the compounds and pour it on. It's self-leveling; wait 48 hours; The acrylic hardens & is ready for use!

Build this easy DIY Firepit with simple tips and instructions provided! 44 stones, Metal fireplace bowl, 1) fireproof base, pea gravel, patio, brick, stones, etc 2) form first row circle check size with bowl 3) use level on each row before starting next row 4) Stack 4 rows staggering stones for stability 5) set firepit bowl on top 6) enjoy!

At Craft Stores- Glue wood plaques to wood candlesticks, glue finial on top. Paint finial and base a color to match kitchen or use in a kids bedroom.Then apply chalkboard paint to plaque- you put daily menu on or you can make it seasonal- You could draw J-O-Y and pinecones for Christmas, B-O-O and a ghost for Halloween, Monogram initials, etc., etc... How fun!!

baby shower garland idea 2.jpg

craft: Tutu & Felt Ball Garland DIY ||