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Kind of a fun idea. 16 DIY dorm room ideas. Even if you don't have a dorm there are some really cute DIY projects

denim jacket + chevron striped maxi skirt + pop of seafoam green from necklace

his list is HUGE. Really huge. It is not meant to imply that you need to bring all of these things. It is meant to be a list to help remind you of things you want to take as you’re packing. This helps alleviate that nagging feeling as you head out the door “did I forget anything? What am I missing?”

Disney autograph books

Thank god the last ones a lie .. =) love being a hairstylist

Backyard ocean? How about a backyard beach too?


"Two-Timin Pasta Bake." It's a penne pasta with sauce that is a mix between marinara and alfredo.

Orange sherbet ❤️

Use a small shelf to have things accessible but off the kitchen counter. EXCELLENT idea!

Yesss I've always done this wrong

Cookie dough ice cream sandwich

How to Use the Hearts Border Punch

DIY Foldable Christmas Tree

One year food storage, she brakes it down to just basics then gives you a list to add on and what you can make with it.

This blogger shows you how easy it is to have a healthy snack drawer in your fridge! Helps with lunch planning for the adults in the house, and has handy snacks in reach for your little one! So many ideas!