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Classroom Freebies Too: Free Kindergarten Weather Unit

Classroom Freebies Too: Free Kindergarten Weather Unit

Force and Motion Experiment, I've done something like this before with sandpaper and smooth tables. Never thought of having 3 surfaces to make it an actual experiment.

Librarianism Chronicles: Force and Motion Experiment

Free Resources for Rocks and Minerals- Over 40 free resources to study rocks and minerals. Free printables, unit studies, ID charts, and more. #Geology #rocks #Fossils

Free Resources for Rocks & Minerals - Something 2 Offer

A bunch a free links to Science Resources

Science - Second Grade Rocks!

A smoker’s lungs next to healthy lungs. Smoking destroys cilia, which are tiny hairs in your lungs located in a thin layer of mucus in the upper airways. The cilia’s main function is to protect your lungs against infection. Dirt and pathogens, which are trapped by the layer of mucus, are pushed up and out of the lungs by the wave-like movements of the cilia. This makes the cilia the lungs’ natural cleaning and repair system. The cilia are paralyzed and destroyed by the poisons in cigarette smoke

bingo game has a blank bingo card template for your students to customize and PLENTY of science review questions to make a complete game! Body systems covered: Skeletal Muscular Digestive Circulatory Respiratory Don’t teach all of them? Just pick and choose from the questions you DO cover—there should be plenty for you to customize this game to match your instruction. Gr. 3-6

Respiratory System Diagrams

Video of Making a model of the Respiratory System. 2 Balloons - 2 Straws - Rubber band - 2 little Plastic Bottle - Scissors - Masking Tape - Plastic Bag -

Learn about the different parts of the respiratory system. Make a paper vest to slip over a child while talking about the various parts.

Get Dirty! According to new research, a bacteria found in soil called Mycobacterium can be a natural mood lifter. Apparently the microbes in dirt stimulate the same neurons that Prozac does, making it a very healthy and natural way to feel good. This is just one more great reason to get out in the garden and grow your own organic foods.

Combine art and science by having kids make a neuron diagram by blowing paint through a drinking straw. Stop by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational for instructions, a printable worksheet, and book recommendation!

I can breathe in and smell particles through the nose from sensory nerves from the Nervous System

This image of the chicken embryo skeleton inside an egg shows the developmental stage, and the colors indicate nervous system activity in the brain. CREDIT: Balaban et al. Current Biology

This Brain Dance was developed from how infants learn to move reorganizing the central nervous system. I love the Brain Dance and have used it was some students. I believe gross motor activities help children focus.

All about the nervous system - info, activities, videos, and worksheets!

NedTheNeuron ($2.99) The Adventures of Ned the Neuron introduces kids to the most exciting scientific subject of our time - the BRAIN! – with fun characters, story and activities. Designed with kids ages 7-11. -Read to Me function with voiceover -Interactive educational diagrams -Three mini-games -Over 30 concepts about the nervous system -No in App purchases or third party ads Reviewed by Appable here appables.blogspot...

nervous and endocrine coloring pages for kids | Nervous System Structure and Function Labeling Activity -- Exploring ...

Science Matters: Nursery Rhyme Science: Jack and Jill Activity to demonstrate how our brain is protected by fluid.

Do you think your students could remember 30 pictures if you only gave them 1 second per picture to remember them? The Memory Test is a fun activity that can demonstrate the power of the human brain. I use this to begin my Nervous System Unit and it is great for discussion, provoking curiosity, or providing anticipation of what will come next. $

This is part 3 of a 7 part hands-on unit study on anatomy of the human body. Create a clay model of the brain, twist together a pipe cleaner neuron,...

This is a menu board (think appetizer, entree, side dish) that allows students to pick different activities that are all related to the form and function of the nervous system. It is meant for students in middle school to high school. Students must complete the appetizer assignment, can pick one of three entrees, and pick two of the four side dishes. Some of the activities include researching, comparing, drawing pictures, and writing.

neuroscience for kids -- modeling the nervous system (brain, neuron, spinal cord -- great, fun craft activities for 3rd-12th grades!)