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Did you know weim puppies are born with stripes that disappear within days of their birth?!

Here are 20 essential facts dog lovers must always remember. The last one made me cry so much.

"Racing Stripes" The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. About 10K years ago, the population of cheetahs plummeted, perhaps to a single pregnant female worldwide. Modern cheetahs are so genetically similar as to be virtual clones, making this novel coat pattern all the more interesting. Photo by: Steve Jurvetson

This is Molly...a survivor of Hurricane Katrina....Love this little horse, now she is a therapy horse!

Gulliver the shire and Apollo the donkey

Turtle with Dragonfly

king of the jungle