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The different types of multiplication problems--This is such an important tool that will help students answer more word problems correctly.

art + math = awesome lesson involves Paul Klee & multiplication. students get background knowledge of Klee, we talk about tessellations & multip. students get a page of 1-inch graph paper & write out a 1 digit C 1 digit mult. problem w/ a 2 digit answer. They choose one that's hard for them to remember & repeat that problem 7 times.... +Details on bloggers website.

One Happy Art Teacher: Totally Cannot Take Credit for This

Halloween Array Counting - 2nd Grade Math Common Core 2.OA.4 $

Halloween Array Counting - 2nd Grade Math Common Core 2.OA.4

Students, working in pairs, take turns rolling two dice. Each student must choose a different colored marker or crayon to use. The student outlines and fills in a rectangle that matches what they rolled. For example, if the student rolled a 4 and 3, that student would fill in a 4x3 rectangle on the grid. The player then writes the total number of squares inside the rectangle. A player loses a turn when his or her rectangle cannot fit on the game board. Play continues back and forth...

Guided Math: Math Game- Racing Rectangles

This fun multiplication art project comes from Looking From Third to Fourth! Kids construct a city of arrays! Check out her site for details and a printable.

E is for Explore!: Array City

Multiplication War! Fun math game that only requires a deck of cards. Can also be done with addition and subtraction.

Love to Learn: Math Games!

Learning with Legos - Multiplication x2: Common Core - 3.OA.1, 3.OA.5, 3.OA.7. (Legos not included) GREAT for Small Group or RTI. Includes: EQ Poster, Standards Poster, Important Reminders, 12 Lego Multiplication Task Cards for x2, facts, 12 Lego Brick Cards for x2 facts, 3 Activity Direction Pages - Independent and Partner, Student Recording Sheet, Answer Key

Making the literature/math connection has never been more fun! After reading, "Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream," students will do activities to reinforce the connection between addition and multiplication. Opportunities for both guided and individual practice are provided. Board game also included.

Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream - Activity and Board Game

BLOG POST - TIMES TABLES INQUIRY - Spirolaterals -Using this artistic activity students practice and learn their times tables, see patterns in their times tables, inquire into why some times table spirolaterals look similar to others, predict how other times table spirolaterals will look based on the tables they have already done. Take a look at this rich meaningful times tables activity.

One by one digit multiplication. One by two digit multiplication. Keywords: Thanksgiving, Pilgrim, Worksheet, Math, Multiplication, Review, Practi...