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Margaret Douglas, daughter of Princess Margaret Tudor, with her 2nd husband, Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox. Their son was Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, the father of James VI/I of Scotland and England.

Aerial view of Edinburgh Castle

Portrait of Lady Arabella Stuart, claimant to the throne through Margaret Tudor, her great-grandmother, painted 1605-1610 by Marcus Gheeraerts the younger (1561-1635)

Elizabeth Howard - mother of Anne, (Henry VIII's second wife), Mary, and George, maternal grandmother of Elizabeth I

Ekaterinburg memorial to the slain Romanov family.

Sudeley Castle was once home to Queen Katherine Parr, following her marriage to Sir Thomas Seymour, and Lady Jane Grey. Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I all visited Sudeley

Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn, niece of Anne Boleyn, possible daughter of Henry VIII

The Ipatiev House. Unpreserved private house in Ekaterinburg at the corner of Prospect & former Voznesensky Voznesensky Pereulok. In the basement on the night of 16-17.7.1918, Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov was executed with his family.

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland, has been an important site since Richard de Clare, "Strongbow", 2nd Earl of Pembroke, constructed the 1st castle, probably a wooden structure, in the 12th cent. Strongbow’s daughter & heiress, Isabel married William Marshall in 1189. The Earl Marshall constructed the stone structure.

Although throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth I never spoke publicly of her mother, the treasonous; and beheaded second wife of Henry VIII, upon Elizabeth's death in 1603, this ring was removed from her finger. Within its secret compartment are two miniature enamel portraits, one of Elizabeth, the other, of a woman many believe to be Anne.

Mary Queen of Scots Jewellery, not that many pieces of her jewelry are around~

Henry VII Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth I is buried here. After her execution Mary Queen of Scots was buried at Peterborough Cathedral, but after her son became King of Scotland and England, he had her body disinterred and reburied opposite Elizabeth in the Lady Chapel. Elizabeth's 2 half-siblings, Edward VI and Mary I, are also buried here.

Margaret of Anjou (1430 –1482) - wife of Henry VI; a key figure in the Wars of the Roses & at times personally led the Lancastrians. She lost her son Edward, Prince of Wales, at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

Prayer book and rosary carried by Mary Queen of Scots to her execution.

Tower green - the scaffold site This is where Henry VIII had wives Anne Boleyn, Katheryn Howard, and many others executed. Lady Jane Grey was executed on this spot as well, and their bodies are buried under the altar of the church pictured here, the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula.

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Blickling Hall Anne Boleyn | Blickling Hall ~ Anne Boleyn's home | Historical Rooms

Hever Castle's "Haunted House Story" The ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to return to her old home at Hever Castle, where every Christmas Eve she is seen to walk over the bridge which crosses the River Eden in the castle grounds. The great oak, under which Henry VIII courted Anne, still stands. Her ghost has been seen there as well, usually at Christmas time. Another ghost at Hever is that of a local farmer, called Humphrey, who was robbed and killed there.

The Dining Hall at Hever Castle, once the great hall of the Boleyns.

Lady Jane Grey(1536/1537–Feb 12,1554),also known as The Nine Days' Queen from 10 July-19 July 1553. She was subsequently executed.According to the account she recited Psalm 51 (Have mercy upon me, O God).The executioner asked her forgiveness,which she granted him."Will you take it off before I lay me down?",and the axeman answered:"No, madam."She then blindfolded herself.With her head on the block,Jane spoke the last words of Jesus:"Lord, into thy hands I commend my spirit!"She was then beheaded

Henry VIII's lost pleasure palace REVEALED: Amazing scale model recreates Nonsuch Palace more than 300 years after it was destroyed. More: