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There are several simple moves that (when practiced often) can reduce and eliminate low back pain by helping prevent weakness from inactivity and improving the body’s ability to tolerate activity as you get older.

5 Simple Moves to Eliminate Low Back Pain for Good

Yoga Positions. Hold each for a minute everyday and feel better!

Mental Toughness and The Law Of Attraction

Stop the words now. Open the window in the cener of your chest, and let the spirits flt in and out. Rumi

Fun full-body yoga sequence. Hold for 30 seconds or 5 breaths!

Yoga is SO MUCH MORE than asana... Yoga is returning to True Self... attending to body, mind and spirit... #trueyoga #bodymindspirit

Yoga isn’t about executing the poses perfectly, or having the...

Your Body On Yoga: 10 Reasons to Catch a Class Today

See It: Your Body On Yoga

Practicing Yoga

Waldo finds himself

"These postures don't define you and they have nothing to do with your spiritual growth. What is important is that you develop a good relationship with yourself on the mat." ~Maty Ezraty

You are waking up an energy that already lives inside you. This is what we call self-realization: an awakening that expands your consciousness and leads you to live as your best self... ~Gloria Latham

New to yoga? Here are some great positions for you to try!

There’s a higher, more powerful part of you. Your higher self will come through your intuition, coincidences, and synchronicity of all kinds… --Journey to Balance