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Melody Laudermilk-Stiak

Melody Laudermilk-Stiak

Bleeding heart liberal losing patience with bigots, haters, liars. I like dogs, home decor, spirituality (NOT biblical), and learning quantum physics.

Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone, Arizona: Both staff and guests have reported seeing ghostly apparitions in 1800's clothing. Other occurrences include the sounds of raucous laughter and music at night. Others report hearing the faint sounds of a woman singing. Others have reported strange sounds coming from the balconies of the main floor and the scents of cigar smoke and whiskey. After closing time, staff have reported hearing the sounds of clinking glass and cards shuffling.

Holly Hotel, Michigan: The kitchen is haunted by a little girl who died while staying at the hotel. He ghost is the most active in the hotel. People often hear her messing around with the various utensils in the kitchen, but especially the meat cleaver. In addition to haunting the kitchen, she is often heard running up and down the halls.

Dr Samuel Mudd House, Maryland: Disturbances include knocks at the door, disembodied footsteps and several sightings of Civil War soldiers. A doll in the upstairs bedroom has reportedly flown out of the chair where it normally sits. The room in which John Wilkes Booth stayed has had reports of coughing coming from it when no one was there, and periodically an impression can be seen in the bed as if someone were lying there. Even Mrs. Mudd has been seen looking out one of the windows.

Linda Vista Hospital, Los Angeles: Darting shadows, cries in the night and unexplained humming were all experienced by those working on the Linda Vista grounds. Many claim to have been touched and pushed by these unseen forces. Three spirits in particular have been sighted on multiple occasions: a little girl lurks in the surgical room; a young woman paces the hallways of the third floor; and the spirit of an orderly still makes his daily rounds.

Palmer House, Minnesota: Sometimes guests have complained about children running through the halls at night which kept them up even though there were no children in the hotel that night. Another guest complained about the sounds of furniture moving in the room above them and when escorted to that room, they found it to be empty with no furniture moved. The hotel even claims a celebrity ghost! Lewis Sinclair, a famous local author, who was employed as a bell boy, is said to haunt here.

Dragsholm Castle, Denmark:A ghost known as the "white lady" is said to haunt the premises. Believed to be the daughter of one of the former castle owners, she fell in love with a servant at the castle. Her father, being the nobleman that he was, threw his daughter into the castle dungeon outraged at her affair with the servant. Forever separating them. In the early 1900s an excavation at Dragsholm unearthed the skeletal remains of a woman wearing a white dress.

The Jimani Lounge, New Orleans: Forty years ago, one of the deadliest crimes against the LGBT community in U.S. history took place at this French Quarter gay bar when an arsonist set it on fire, killing 32 men. The building's current owner, who witnessed the event as a child when his father was owner, has seen apparitions of charred bodies, dark shadows, white orbs, and flashes of light in the building.

Hales Bar Dam and Marina, Tennessee: People have seen everything from random lights and orbs to full body apparitions. There are reports of EVP’s and some people have actually felt manifestations walk right through them. In the power house there is a natural whirlpool where people say that the Native Americans of the past live in the whirlpool. It’s believed that they reach out and grab people, and multiple people have drowned in the whirlpool.

Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona: Visitors often report seeing strange lights and hearing unidentifiable noises coming from the old graveyard. Spirits have been spied on numerous occasions, and even more frequently are said to appear in photographs. Billy Clanton, killed in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral is said to rise from his grave before walking along the road back to Tombstone.

Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings, Nevada: The saloon is reportedly haunted by an elderly miner and a cheating gambler who was killed at a card table in 1915. Bullet holes from the gambler's murder can still be seen in the wall. Bar employees has seen the ghost of the elderly miner, a short man who wears a cowboy hat, standing behind people at the slot machines or hanging out by the potbellied stove. The spirit of the gambler makes an occasional appearance at a card table at the back of the bar.

Rhyolite, Nevada: There is even a house here built of beer and whiskey bottles because lumber was in such short supply. Rhyolite is haunted by the spirit of the brown man, said to be a gold prospector who died in the town after he brought huge gold nuggets in to town to be tested. The legend says he was poisoned by the barber to get the gold. He is seen as a brown shadow with a big floppy hat wandering around town.

The Washoe Club, Virginia City, Nevada: The 3 main ghosts sighted are a beautiful blond woman, in a blue dress nicknamed "Lena", who was murdered on the third floor, while working as a paid lover. A timid, little girl's ghost supposedly that of a child who was heinously executed in the basement of the building is also seen. An old gruff prospector has shown himself many times and is said to filch drinks from customers and is the one folks blame for the tricks that are played out in the club.

The USS Hornet, California: Many have witnessed various objects aboard the massive ship being moved from one location to another . Doors that are extremely heavy and take some real work to manipulate have strangely opened and closed with no assistance from any type of physical source. Many apparitions that are dressed in soldier attire have been witnessed working among the living in the ship, as if they were still alive.

Pensacola lighthouse, Florida: Lighthouse keeper Michaela Ingraham's spirit still walks through the tower and the adjacent keeper’s quarters and her voice has been heard and recorded by several visitors to the lighthouse. Full body apparitions have been seen in the building and on the grounds surrounding the lighthouse and strange noises have been heard including the sound of footsteps on the lighthouse stairs.

Harrison Avenue’s Dead Mans Curve, Ohio: Harrison Avenue’s so-called Dead Mans Curve is said to be haunted by a phantom hitchhiker. Those that see him on this stretch of road become filled with an extreme sense of fear, that they can’t explain. No one is known to have ever picked him up, but those that have gotten a good look at him say he is burned, with flesh hanging from his face. He is said to be a man who died in an accident here in 1953.

General Wayne Inn, Philadelphia: The ghosts of the inn mostly stem from Revolutionary times. Reportedly, there are seventeen spirits inhabiting the building, eight of which are Hessian soldiers who met their end in or around the building. After so long, reports vary on how these soldiers ended up haunting the inn. The basement is best known for apparitions of the soldiers.

Napier Prison, Auckland, New Zealand: There have been many reports of ghostly occurrences at the site such as unexplained footsteps, disembodied faces, doors opening and closing on their own, and the ghost of a murderer on the anniversary of his execution. The best known former prisoner is Roland Edwards, a mass murderer who reputedly has his spirit haunt the area.

OK Corral, Tombstone, Arizona: This was the site of the best-known gunfight occurring in the Old West. Today, the O.K. Corral is allegedly haunted by the ghosts of "the Cowboys" killed here. Over the years, a number of witnesses have reported seeing the fading apparitions of men dressed in cowboy attire, often appearing with guns drawn, perhaps locked into a perpetual battle with the Earps. Others have claimed to have felt numerous cold spots in various areas of the corral.

Union County Courthouse, New Jersey: Some suspect that one of the ghosts is that of Hannah Caldwell, the first woman killed during the American Revolution. Custodians report seeing a woman all dressed in white near the elevator. Other people report seeing a woman in white colonial clothing floating through the parking garage and court corridors. The face of Hannah is sometimes seen in the window of the first floor office. Ringing bells and footsteps are heard in the courthouse Rotunda.

USS Salem, Massachusetts: A shadow figure has been seen walking in the corridors near the anchor room. Apparitions are most commonly seen in the ward room, dentist’s office, infirmary and lower op’s. Apparitions have also been seen near the starboard hatches in the forward wardroom. Throughout the ship phantom noises are heard of the former crew still doing their duties from when the ship was functional and battle ready. Phantom footsteps and disembodied voices are heard.

The Princess Theatre, Melbourne: The theatre’s ghostly presence dates back to 1888, when opera singer Federici died after a performance of the opera ‘Faust’. On every opening night, a seat in the Dress Circle is left empty for Federici and it is a sign of good luck if there is a sighting on that night. Many staff over the years have reported sightings of the friendly ghost.

Mount Holly Cemetery, Arkansas: Statues on the graves have been reported by witnesses to move.Some statues are even found on the lawns of some startled neighbors on occasion. Mysterious flute music is heard throughout the cemetery, when a flute player isn't anywhere close by. Snapshots of see-through images of people dressed in 19th century clothing, apparitions, and ghostly lights have been captured here.

Belcourt Castle, Rhode Island: In the Chapel there is a statue of a monk. Before it was placed in the chapel, it was near the stairs. Those going through the house sometimes report seeing a man dressed as a monk near the stairs. He hasn’t been there seen since he was moved to the chapel. In the Gothic Ballroom there is a suit of armor whose owner died when a spear went through the eye slot. He can be heard screaming in and around March, at the time of his death.