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$25 Dollar Tree "Healthier" 7 Days of Food!

I shopped at the local dollar store and will eat for a week with the products. Mostly vegan, whole foods. You don't have to eat Mac and Cheese and Ramen if you are on a strict food budget!

Listen to my son on the radio!!

This is what Del Monte Canned Green Beans actually look like!

$25 Dollar Tree Challenge: Blueberry Smoothie and Cajun Stew

Eat More Plants! I don't care if they're organic or gmo.. just eat more plants!

$25 Dollar Tree Challenge: Roasting Frozen Vegetables

MELOMEALS : $25 Dollar Tree Challenge: Roasting Frozen Vegetables

$25 Dollar Tree Challenge Day Two Round Up and Inventory

$25 Dollar Tree Challenge: Savory Broccoli-Cauliflower Soup

$25 Dollar Tree Challenge. 7 Day of

  • melody polakow

    @Kendeana Berry, nope.. in Massachusetts, food is not taxed. I haven't heard of food being taxed anywhere, is it where you live?

  • Kendeana Berry

    Lol you know I just realized everything on this list was food. We don't have a food tax either. (SC)

  • Meredith Guthrie

    We have tax on certain items, but in Texas our sales tax tends to be high since we don't have a state income tax.