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Tales of Japanese tea: How accurate is a teaspoon to measure matcha?

Japanese tea ceremony. The focus brings calm.

Japanese tea field

japanese tea field photo

Japanese tea cups by Kusumoto Keiko

Yunomi (Japanese tea cup) by John Britt

Schaller Gallery : Artist : John Britt :

The Teahouse as a typological kind follows the Japanese tradition of minimizing space and is intended as place the meet with guest at a cup of tea. A1 Architects. Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Architecture Photography: teahouse_david_a1_01 (26976)

Yunomi (Tea Cup )Produced by Koshun Gama for Azmaya Made in Japan

Yunomi (Tea Cup) by Koshun Gama - Analogue Life

Zaru soba with tsuyu

Zaru Soba (Japanese Buckwheat Noodles)

Diorama Map Tokyo

Brisk Kyoto Dusk

Red Leaves on Yellow

First Glimpse of the Clearing

Another Day of Amazing Fall Colors in Kyoto