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Do you work here? No, I just wear the apron to pick up bitches. LOL!

Obvious Question

You know you're overworked when you count going to the bathroom as taking a break. Don't I know it!

err yeah probably should work on this one. lol

Hell hath no Fury on imgfave

Am I the only that DOESN'T like laminating? You have the anxiety of it being hot enough, and then the fear of it jamming. Afterward, you can look forward to your hands cramping up for days due to all the cutting. And if you're a left-handed cutter, like me, you can't see the line along which you're cutting, often cutting your laminated object, itself. Oh, and then you actually have to hang the stuff up after all that work. BLAH.

Love at First Sight

Or send a fax, make a copy, use word, excel, a computer for that matter!.... I really think it was pure laziness... Lol

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 65 Pics

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DIY Periodic Table Mirrors: a little bathroom humor from The Nerd Nest Good idea - not only for periodic word art!!!

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whatever bugs them . . .

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 77 Pics

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They say we should be eating more raw foods. That's all I needed to hear to whip up another batch of cookie dough.

Drink From A Magical Unicorn Vessel- If I had this cup, I would literally bust all of my other coffee mugs against a wall. That's how awesome this cup is.

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