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curvaceous, rubenesque, voluptuous

3 Undergarments You Need To Know About. Seriously, if you work with me, you can skip this post. It's about underwear and, well, you know. Awkward.

3 Undergarments You Need To Know About - xoJane

Plus size

Big Belles Women!: j'adore!

FAT GIRLS FLOAT is an independent documentary in which a 300lb. filmmaker Kira Nerusskaya takes the audience on a journey through international fat subculture, giving fat women from four counties an opportunity to have their say. (it's not a matter of "health", but of prejudice). << Awesome!

Get in the pool! with FAT GIRLS FLOAT

I hope against hope that there are still a few men who do not succumb to the pressure to date only slim women.

Dirty Martini at The New York Burlesque festival. I love her country style fringe.