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ooooh my gosh! hahaha

After watching Hunger Games… yeah


yeah. Peeta, I think you might have accidentally gotten that from Katniss's closet

aw! hahahaha!

I dunno... I think she's awesome haha

hahaha! Won't understand if you haven't read "The Hunger Games" - so go do it! Now!


Hunger games funny message

nooooooooooooooo :( hopefully I die before that ever happens!

So this is what it was like on set of the Hunger Games...interesting.

Hunger Games Humor/Funny

Get it right pple! Catching Fire NOT hunger games 2

There's hope yet!!!

Hunger games- funnies

Hunger games funny katniss

Anyone else realize that in the book, Rue was the 21st tribute???? Cause there are 12 districts... 2 from each district... which is 24....Rue is from District 11...but since ladies "go first" Rue is number 21.... freaky!!!