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The Daily Odd Compliment - CafeMom | This site has awesome Odd Compliments!

The Daily Odd Compliment

This gif is hilarious. But she also gives me a severe case of the heebeejeebees.

Anime City Desu! - Google+

lol no wonder i always wanted to be in hufflepuff

Oh, So That's What That Really Means

And now you know how a Platypus walks. I would be terrified if one of these was chasing after me.

And now you know how a Platypus walks…

Not being able to pull off a prank because you're laughing like an idiot the whole time. (This is also the reason why I'm bad at telling jokes.) Number 2222

Poor kraken. All it wants is a hug. I am so tired, I actually just shed some internal tears over this

Hahahahaha XD Spongebob/Hunger Games

Katniss volunteered as tribute for The Hunger Games...

Sad day! Hahahaha

Apple Juice Happiness

When they realised what was actually happening in Parks and Rec. | 36 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Funniest Place On The Internet

36 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Funniest Place On The Internet

I do that all the time!!! Hahaha

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Despicable Me 2  < despicable! too....

How come you're so fat? via @9GAG

"Brilliant, Anderson." "Really?" "Yes. Brilliant Impression of an idiot." < so basicically Watson misses Sherlock about as much as Anderson is an idiot

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