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hahaha famous last words ;)

32 Funny Pictures with Captions - Clicky Pix

I love Ellen

Lupita and Ellen discuss tabloid rumors…

must have been a pretty good joke!

He was really upset

He was really upset

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 40 Pics

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 40 Pics

Jennifer Lawrence’s shady past… Oh my!!:D

XD why they didn't include this bit of compmentary in the movie is one thing I will never understand.

This pin is the reason why some guys think "no" means "yes"....

22 Unforgettable Baby Names |


Clever GIF / iFunny :)

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. WHAT!?!? May I have your attention. Sherlock has officially created s tumblr. And this is him.

Internet humor | Funny pictures updated daily

The Pillow Keeps Moving

The Pillow Keeps Moving


Your Hopes And Dreams Are Gonna Melt Away When You Read This

Well...that escalated quickly.

Only the best Gifs and Pics

I do love him just a little bit. He's entertaining more than anything even if he is buckets of crazy.

dying right now...

Keep koalas away from water…

deal with it! hahaha

Deal With It, Student