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Summer Kid Activity. We just did a scavenger hunt following this list. After walking down the street and back we found lots of cool things!

Today my 4-year old asked if we could make some snow to drive in.  I remembered once when I was cleaning out my food processor with a bit of water and soap, we got this great foam which they loved!  So we made a few more batches of "snow" today and got out all the trucks, snowplows, tractors and excavators.

Indoor toddler activities - easy, creative and both my 2 and 4 year old can participate.

If I had a kid, I would let them do this, heck I may even do it to let out some frustrations ;)

Spaghetti beading is a fun fine motor activity for your little one. Roll a ball of Play Doh, stick dry spaghetti noodles in the ball, and give him some Cheerios or Fruit Loops. :) Good times.

Snow Shooters- an easy to make toy for kids and a great boredom buster for Winter. My kids have asked to play with these everyday since we made them!

Tossing paint filled eggs at canvas- SO FUN! Making the eggs is easy, too! My kids loved this art project!

Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Over 20 creative and FUN ways for kids to PLAY with shaving cream from Growing a Jeweled Rose. So many fun ideas!

So cute to send as a card to the Grandparents for a Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s in the Preschool Box? AN HOUR TO SORT THROUGH THE BOX AND DO WAHTEVER THEY LIKE. I LIKE THE SENSORY BOX, TWEEZERS, SPOONS, CUPS,ETC. Good activity for when Olivia naps. Have an hr to do this if they don't want to nap. otherwise can lie down, etc. {Week 1} some great ideas on here!

The Activity Mom: Early Learning - Activities For My 1-Year Old

September Fun Fall Crafts - Art with leaves!

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

Activities for ages 1-3 (this is a great website for creative easy things to do with your kids!)