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I had forgotten all about this

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Best possible example. Just because someone's pretty on the outside doesn't mean they are on the inside. Just because someone appears ugly on the outside, doesn't mean they're not beautiful on the inside.


Thanks Snape…

  • Sydney Rigdon

    No they aren't realated! They can't and will never be :)

  • Sydney Rigdon

    And if you wonder why it is because he is not named after A star which the blacks of HP are....

  • Katrina Winn

    Except that Stephanie Meyer's version of Werewolves is based on actual Native American lore. Animagi are self-created after intensive training, whereas Native American "werewolves" become such involuntarily, in times of danger, to protect the tribe. Harry Potter, though undoubtedly a superior series in both subject matter and writing, still can't fairly be compared to Twilight on the subject of werewolves. White man lore vs. Native American lore is going to be vastly different. Duh.

  • Tanvi Latta

    Yeah well we were just making it up for fun....everyone knows that Harry Potter and twilight are not comparable at all....

  • Tanvi Latta

    Harry Potter would always be the superior most series ever written in the history of books..... Always !!

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She felt the pressure in her stomach, and she watched his face fall, as he watched her get knocked to the ground from the impact of the brass, that came spiraling out of the gun.

Funny Pictures –hahahhahahhahhahahah

A Glass of Leannade: Sister Missionary Clothing