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Take a whiff!

Connect the dots

Hot furry blond

Hey photog, clean your lens!

Hot guy but is this a "before" ad for valacyclovir? What's that on his bottom lip?

You and I have different definitions for "reach around". Mine's more fun!

There's A LOT of hair going on in this picture! Mmmm!

Never understood the bicep licking thing

Look at my ass! Look at my ass!

Cold? Or just waiting to have your nipples tweaked?

His head looks like a pistil popping out of some strange petals.

Do you find this sexy? I'm all for phallic eroticism but this suggests "oozing bloody red rocket riddled with flesh-eating disease". Ruined it for ya, huh?

Damn it, Bobby! Daddy wants a shot of our gay-ass vase. Why do you have to be in every shot? Go find a box to dance on.

I wonder if that pinky is up when he drinks tea with the Queen!?!

LOVE the pit hole!