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Scruffy Guys

Facial hair, beards, and scruff.

Take a whiff!

Connect the dots

Hot furry blond

Hey photog, clean your lens!

Hot guy but is this a "before" ad for valacyclovir? What's that on his bottom lip?

You and I have different definitions for "reach around". Mine's more fun!

There's A LOT of hair going on in this picture! Mmmm!

Look at my ass! Look at my ass!

Cold? Or just waiting to have your nipples tweaked?

  • Paul Sins

    I love to ride bare back, no problem with this stallion!!!

His head looks like a pistil popping out of some strange petals.

Do you find this sexy? I'm all for phallic eroticism but this suggests "oozing bloody red rocket riddled with flesh-eating disease". Ruined it for ya, huh?

Damn it, Bobby! Daddy wants a shot of our gay-ass vase. Why do you have to be in every shot? Go find a box to dance on.

I wonder if that pinky is up when he drinks tea with the Queen!?!

LOVE the pit hole!