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They come from anywhere—your backyard, the fast-food drive-thru—and they're delicious:

The ultimate way to grill shrimp: (via @MensHealthFood)

The Ultimate Way To Grill Shrimp

Make ragu like the Italians do!

Cook Real Bolognese Ragu

The gazpacho recipe you must make before summer’s over: (via @MensHealthFood)

Blend Fresh, Chilled Gazpacho

Grill juicy beer-can chicken with this @MensHealthFood recipe:

Grill Juicy Beer-Can Chicken

The best way to grill salmon, via @MensHealthFood:

The Best Way To Grill Salmon

Make your own batch of real peanut butter with this guide from @MensHealthFood:

Make Your Own Batch of Real Peanut Butter

The non-traditional hot dog toppings you MUST try.

Upgrade Your Grilled Hot Dogs!

How to make a delicious Cubano sandwich: (via @MensHealthFood)

Grill Your Next Cubano Sandwich

Get out the grill this weekend and make this delicious grilled chicken with sesame recipe: Chicken with Sesame

Grilled Chicken with Sesame

Make mouth-watering, chili-spiced baby back ribs. Here's how:

2013 Guy Food Guide: Recipes

Pan-seared scallops with lima bean mash and asparagus. Get the delicious recipe, via @MensHealthFood here:

2013 Guy Food Guide: Recipes

Lemon ricotta pancakes—need we say more?

2013 Guy Food Guide: Recipes

Seared steak with tomato salad and spinach. The delicious recipe:

2013 Guy Food Guide: Recipes

Cook healthier General Tso’s chicken with this delicious @MensHealthFood recipe:

Cook Healthier General Tso’s Chicken

Shop once, eat for a week: 10 simple meals that fight fat and build muscle—for less than $50.

Shop Once, Eat for a Week

How to make slightly sweet and spicy bibimbap that will blow your mind: blog.womenshealth...

How to Make Bibimbap

Make your own red pepper and leek flatbreads at home with this @MensHealthFood guide:

5 upgrades for better steak sandwiches: (via @MensHealthFood)

5 Upgrades For Better Steak Sandwiches

Chef Aaron Bashy of The Water Club in New York City takes fatty tuna, chops it, and then mixes it with ingredients reminiscent of a sushi bar’s spicy tuna roll. The tiny wasabi tobiko caviar pops between your teeth. The combination of spicy mayonnaise and jalapeno hits you with two heat intensities. Hungry? Cook this recipe up tonight:

The 7 Best Burgers

Why the mushroom? Because it's meaty and chewy enough to stand-in for a burger, yet it's delicate and earthy enough to have its own identify. Annie Somerville, of San Francisco's Greens Restaurant, let us in on her recipe, and it's no joke. This sandwich is tangy, meaty, sweet, and fresh. Taste it for yourself:

The 7 Best Burgers

The right sauce can make a great burger even better. Combined with aged cheddar, crisp lettuce, a juicy tomato round, caramelized onions, and a few bread and butter pickles, the sauce in this recipe completes a really damn good burger. Want a taste? Click here to learn the secret:

The 7 Best Burgers

Turkey burgers? Aren’t those for people who spend the rest of their calories snacking on rice cakes and Tofutti products? Think that way and maybe you just haven’t discovered the right recipe yet. We found one that has homemade herbed mayo and a tart cranberry sauce. In other words, it’s Thanksgiving on a bun. Dig into the recipe here:

The 7 Best Burgers

Pork, when paired with the perfect toppings, has the power to trump even the best beef burgers. Skeptical? Cook up this recipe: