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1 minute old elephant. Oh my god

♥ I think I found my cute & simple elephant tattoo!

I love Elephants! look at his little hairs!

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they are upset, like a temper tantrum. :D

a literary tattoo in a place that isn't awkward or forced AND also manages to look feminine at the same time? stellar.

Lab puppies are so cute but grow up and steal baked goods of the counter when no one is home!

Say Awwwwww! Cute puppy Pit Bull with the biggest yawn!

Tank Diesel ~ a Bully with pink puppy toes!

A baby Shiba Inu taking a nap on its side.

this will be my dog one day. no matter what. I ♥ huskies....and penguins.

“I’m a Marine Corps combat photographer with 1st Marine Division. The photos are a collection from training exercises and a deployment that I did with 1st Battalion 5th Marines to Sangin, Afghanistan last year. Most of the photos are mine, but a few are from other photographers on my team or from the grunts themselves. We had IED detecting dogs with us and adopted other animals as pets along the way, at least until we were told to let them go.

I love this Peter Pan bow! This is the only bow I would ever consider wearing