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Happy campers. So bad - but oh so funny!

Funny Ecard: I really need to stop saying 'how stupid can you be?' People are taking it as a challenge.

Literally Laughing out loud !

guy has surgery, is coming out of sedation and can't believe the woman who is talking to him is his wife! "'re MY wife! Your BEAUTIFUL!!!" It's funny and sweet

(Video)-A Must See- Will pop a big smile in your heart. When asked to sing karaoke at a gas pump, this couple didn't just do it. They blew it out of the water and made the whole nation smile!...i hope they both got recording contracts!!!!

I laughed wayyyyy too hard at this.

Here's a collection of the funniest animal photobombs ever.

nerdvana wedding. bride and groom dressed as Inara and Mal, with Princess Liea officiating and the tardis in the background, and it looks like kaylee's umbrella off to the side

@Heather McCarthy and @Megan Hughes... Big Bang Flash Mob!!!

Big Bang Flash Mob. Makes me love this show even more!