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Frozen Shoulder Exercise to Loosen Up Your Shoulders Unfreeze those shoulders!!

Frozen Shoulder Exercises At Home: Pilates for Shoulders

Sorting household items by room in the house.

Autism Tank: More Advanced Sorting File Folders

idea for sorting activity. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

This site has assessments for all shoulder injuries. Awesome!

Manual Muscle Testing of the Wrist

If I am going to start running, I NEED this. Taping for 3 common running injuries: IT Band, Shin Splints and Plantar Fascitis

Let's Go to the Tape

start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture

ArtMommie: Young Explorers Class

Awesome website for manual therapy for all muscles!!

Sensory Starter Kit for under $20 from Target from Fun at Home with Kids - Repinned by Therapy Source, Inc. -

Social Stories is an iPhone / iPad app for teaching children or young adults with learning challenges or special needs. Social Stories is great for typically developing children, and children with developmental disabilities. These include - speech & language impediments, - ADD & ADHD - auditory processing disorders - PDD-NOS - down syndrome - physical impairments - autism

Pinned on Pinterest, Tested in Occupational Therapy

Balance Exercises for Seniors and the Elderly. Great patient reference with descriptions and videos.

Stroke Mirror Therapy | Stroke Engine Intervention: A site about stroke rehabilitation

Coolest OT website pick the skill to work on, the materials you have available and it gives you lists and lists of treatment ideas

OT TECHNIQUES FOR STROKE Rebuild memory--puzzles, board games, look at fam pics, identifying familiar objects; Light exercise-- roll ball to build confidence and endurance; Fold clothes and towels--organization, sequencing

Bilateral Activities for the Nonfunctional Hand Therapists should use each and every opportunity to incorporate the hemiparetic hand into daily functional tasks—even when the hand is non-functional. icelearningcenter...

The only 15 toys you need for baby's first year (and a little beyond), besides homemade ones. Written by an OT to cover multiple (and almost all) physical developmental needs :)

Treasure trove of therapy videos! Teaching Independence: A Therapeutic Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation (TI)