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People Photography

Black background, shadows, face

La Jetée - Chris Marker (1962)

La Jetée, 1962. Chris Marker.

La Jetée (Chris Marker, 1962)

© Iosif Kiraly

L E N S C R A T C H: Iosif Kiraly

Great idea!!! L E N S C R A T C H: Iosif Kiraly

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Barbara probst - Exposure #32: N.Y.C., 249 W. 34th Street, 01.02.05, 5:04 p.m.

Barbara Probst. the why-didn't-I think-of-that of my life.

Barbara Probst "Exposure #46: N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue, 10.09.06, 8:.23 p.m." 2006 3 parts: 168 x 112 cm/66 x 44 inches each

Barbara Probst: Exposure #6: N.Y.C., 5th Avenue & 82nd Street, 06.04.01, 1:21 p.m.

Split Second! The Morning News recently featured the excellent work of Barbara Probst. In her series “Split Second”, Probst utilizes multiple cameras to capture the same exact second from different viewpoints. She is interested in the authority given to a lone photograph versus the idea that there isn’t just one reliable representation of a particular moment. “What happened” is open for interpretation.

BARBARA PROBST Exposure #5: N.Y.C., 545 8th Avenue, 12.20.00, 2:27 p.m. 2000 ultrachrome ink on cotton paper 4 parts 86 x 130 cm each

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