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Newborn session-cuddles with mum

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  • J Marie

    Even the Amish will use modern medicine in a life or death situation.

  • Deva Tillery

    Any birth, no matter if it in the highest tech hospital or in your own bathtub is beautiful!

  • Karri McKenna

    A nurse told me after my emergency c-sec something beautiful I carry with me still four years later... she said, "Instead of your baby being "pushed" into this world, they're "lifted" into it like the angels they are! It made me feel better about things not going as planned.

  • Tara Underwood

    @Rebekah Vos I cannot believe how ignorant and judgemental your remarks are. You should be ashamed of your comment. Unfortunately, people like you are the stubborn stain on natural birthings reputation. Natural birthing is fine- under the supervision of REAL obstetricians and physicians. Fortunately, being that it is 2012- not all ob/gyns are over medicating these days... smh. These medical professionals understand when there is a need to intervene w/ a c section, unlike you. Losing a newborn and/or mother from trying to maintain your all natural philosophy is disgusting and shallow. You say over interventioned birth- but everyone else sees the miracle of life over what could have potentially been death. You make me cringe.

  • the bohemian

    Our overmedicalzed view of birth is hurting babies and moms. We get all teary eyed talking about how modern medicine saves our children. But its comparable to a fire fighter who starts fires to put them out. Birth isnt inherently dangerous. Yes, there can be complications and yes medical interventions are sometimes inevitable. But so much of what we experience as emergencies in birth are problems created by the unnecessary interventions for which there is no evidence of improved birth outcomes in the first place. In any case, I think this photo focuses on that moment when a mother first sees her child and I think its an awesome photo. It doesnt put the medical side over the humanity. Lovely!

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