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Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye - a mindbending sci fi film/ Movie stills and production stills

Malcolm McDowell hanging out with the audio team.

Dr. Fletcher (Monte Markham) pontificates in the planetarium

Dean Cain gets a smooch from Laura Presley-Reynolds between takes on the Mind's Eye set

What will Bonza (Aaron Perilo) do with that?

Mr. Simms (Malcolm McDowell) conducting the orchestra

The mysterious silhouette army

Toni Carloftis (Migina Tsai) and Mark Willis (Dean Cain) on their first date.

Mattie Carver (Izzie Steele) is trapped in the mind's eye.

Party on the rocks

Natalie Distler, Andrew Trainor, Mark Grove

Lucine Fyelon, Malcolm McDowell, Mark Grove