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Tablet weaving

Inspirational bands and weavers

Brickvävning Tablet weaving Birkaband

Medieval bone tablet-weaving tablets from Greenland

Tablet-weaving-tablets, medieval

Pattern 27 from book Applesies and Fox Noses

Inspired by the 3000 year old breeches from tombs in western China. Tablet woven by Kerstin Katter

Hochdorf band in that's some tablet weaving!

Tempus vivit! Edle Tuche für den Fürsten

Hochdorf pattern, made by Brigitte Puhl; with helping assistance of the Sylvia Crumbach, by 104 cards !!

Band found in the church of St. Severin in Cologne, dated app. 700, tablet woven by aisling

by White Wolf and the Phoenix

White Wolf and the Phoenix

Mammen grave, Denmark by Kobolds Kerkerbastelei

Kobolds Kerkerbastelei: Brettchenweben

Kobolds Kerkerbastelei: Tablet woven Birka pattern

Kobolds Kerkerbastelei

Wychweaves - Anglo-Saxon band, based on find from St. John's Cricket Field, Cambridge, 5-6th cent.

band from vestrum/norway 4th century tablet technique: pebble weave woven by aisling

Das Fragment aus Vestrum

more than 140 tablets, original 11th century, Swizz, tablet woven by aisling

Tablet woven by Bettina Eichhorn

tablet-woven band with animals, found in the reliquary of Balthild (d. c.680), Chelles

Kornbluth Merovingian textiles, painting archive

Tablet woven band from Deventer, Belgium, c. 1370.

band from Vestrum 4th century. technique: pebble weave tablet woven by aisling

Aislings Welt: Vestrum - mal wieder

weaving in camp.clever!

fabrication d'un galon en soie

band of the 2nd to 4th century from Daetgen/Germany tablet woven by aisling

One of the Dune Belt fragments. Historiska Museet, Stockholm. Inv. No. 6849:68D.

Tablet woven band from Evebø, Norway.

Reconstructed brocaded band from St. Truiden, Belgium tablet woven by aisling