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Dinner This Week

Our weekly meal plan.

Rudy's Pizzeria--When I'm meal planning, I always try to schedule in one quick-and-dirty dinner, because there's always that evening when you're just zuckered out. Thank you, Rudy's Pizzeria, for being our "easy" night this week!

Roasted cauliflower with figs and olives--Have I mentioned I love figs? And cauliflower? We'll have some easy chicken breasts on the side.

Pulled pork tacos with roasted squash and other goodies--I think I'll make our chili with pork so that we have some leftovers for these tacos.

Weekend Recap | Crystalin Marie

California-Style Bibimbap--Someone posted a photo of bibimbap on my instagram the other day and I've been thinking of it ever since. I like this "California" take on it with the bell peppers.

Chili--we do a pretty basic chili. Lots of beans, just a sprinkle of meat, and every topping under the sun. Perhaps I'll try and keep track well enough to type up an actual recipe for it this week.

My Bit of Earth: A Small Fall Party

Friday night nibbles!

Living Well: 7 Secrets To a Beautiful Cheese Board

Apple cake--this cake is mostly just apples held together by a little bit of batter. We took one to the Kid's school potluck last week, and each only got a tiny bite. Time to make another one, but not for sharing!

French Apple Cake | David Lebovitz