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Absolutely the cutest Hippo bookends I have ever seen!! Fesken and Dornou by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Fesken and Dornou by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Hippo Pencil Case

LAUGH Out LOUD Text HIPPOTOMUS Hippo Digital Collage Sheet Download Burlap Fabric Transfer Iron On Pillows Totes Tea Towels No. 3894

Zen hippo

Kissen - Nilpferd mit Näh-Resten gefüllt / Pillow hippopotamus filled with scraps of fabric

Spielpause: Mein Freund, das Flusspferd. Ein Kuschelkissen

Muro, Flying Hippo, Canary Islands

Hippo had parrots on his back to paint their paisley art

Whimsical Fine Arts

Now even the hippos worry about weight. Sheesh....

Kid's bathroom. Hippos!

Kangarui Happy Hippo Shower Curtain | zulily

Hungry Hungry Hippos Costume how to

Anillusion: Buborék

Anillusion: Buborék


CC: BenAliGator HyacinthHippo by MistyTang on deviantART

Hippo journal!!!! :D

Rad | Découvrez la mode urbaine en ligne.

Sticker WC Hippopotame

Sticker WC Hippopotame | Stickers WC |

Hippo Art Print Nursery Art Whimsical by GeorgiePearlDesigns

Hippo Nursery Decor Hippo Print Set 4 Hippopotamus Home Decor Keep Calm and Love Hippos Wall Art Decoration Wall Artwork Illustration Cute. $45.00, via Etsy.