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something to try out

Healthier, non-medicinal remedies

Easter M or Cadbury Mini Eggs in Sugar Cones. Such a cute and easy idea!

Baked clay ornaments | Places we have lived ornaments - key imprinted.

What a great idea to help your children learn how to save money!

White Chocolate Candy Cane Truffles - how do these not look scrumptious!?

Check out this AMAZING true story about how a high school quarterback made a major difference in his classmates life. Mom's grab a tissue!

2 Ingredient Low Fat Cupcakes... and you can do it for GLUTEN free items too!

Healthy, home made JELLO fruit snacks! Can't wait to try them!!

Super cute idea for a thank you note during the summer!!!

Great alternative to just "giving a gift card". . . candy with money tied around it with a ribbon. . . such much better than a flat gift card. . .

Old cassette organizer for fabric scraps....but what about different tissue paper colors, sticker sheets. . . paper scraps too!

Great "simple" home fixes. . . did you know baby oil removes latex paint, chopcsticks can help you unclog your dryer lint trap, all the amazing uses for baking soda? Great pictures and simple (SIMPLE!) instructions.

For someone who LOVES flour tortillas but can't eat gluten . . . . this is a MUST TRY. The fact that they look normal and not stiff as a board is promising!!!

Not that I anticipate mine breaking because I have an Otterbox on it; however, I know so many people who have had to deal with this unfortunate fate. This web site gives you step by step instructions on how to fix your broken iPhone face!

How cute is this? Mason jar made to look like a faux cupcake. Lid and all; put chocolate treats in the jar .... completely reusable!

Perfect for an adult dinner night! Chili Bar!!! Make the chili and use it as a topping for all kinds of things: fries, nachos n cheese, potatoes, hot dogs!!! YUMMY

a podiatrist's key to properly lacing up your running shoes depending on your foot type: narrow, wide, heel slippage, etc. Very excited to try the new lacing feature for my next run!

What mom-on-the-go would not appreciate smart thinking on the road healthy snacks? Great packaging for long roadtrips with the kiddos. HEALTHY snacks!

I have an awkward sink space like this mom and it's awesome that I can MAKE my own door mat!! So excited!

Super fun yummy ice-cream cake with the great ice-cream sandwiches we all loved eating as children. The twist is to put "sundae" toppings in between, freeze, and then eat as "cake". YUMMMY!

I didn't know there was such a thing to help you bake "flat" cakes.... Wilton's Cloth Bake Even strips, when wrapped around a conventional cake pan will keep things from rising uneven! WOW! So much easier to frost a "flat" cake!!!

Glue Gun, Regular Crayolas, Masking Tape and a blank Canvas. Pretty cool project!