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My Top Ten Turquoise Paint Colors - Favorite Paint Colors

Place a plastic kiddie pool in the ground. Looks nicer. Then take it out in colder months and have a fire pit. Woah.

I love this but I would be waiting for the music from Fiddler On The roof and the Wedding to begin

romantic bedroom ideas easy and cheap, curtain rod ( white christmas lights)

home theater in the basement...single beds, build in levels. Genius!

The bathtub of my dreams

recovered chair with burlap and linen: must find a chair to do this to for my side of the office!

fireplace + porch. Yes Yes Yes Yes

bathroom ideas-just different color tile

french doors, neutral colors. not table cloths or carpet

Deep couch. THINK OF THE NAPS.

Bathroom with shelves for how this feels like a spa!

Movie theater in the attic. i can dream

I totally love the whole candles in the fireplace idea.

Walk-in pantry behind the fridge. OMGSH!! I so want this!!

Beautiful bathroom renovation

stairs to breakfast table

Hang a curtain rod draped with sheer curtains (or fabric) at headboard height, behind the bed, then add some white holiday lights behind the fabric and across the rod, this adds a soft, relaxing, romantic feel to any bedroom.