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7up dots from the 80s ad campaign

80s Strawberry Shortcake - pretty sure I had this or one like it!

Electronic Toys: 1980s tupperware toys - Google Search

48 things that will make you feel old These are hilarious! I'm feeling old now.

110 Film...

Doom 1993 - First game that I ever played on a networked... Thx to my dad.. long days on his office with my brother. =]

Doom (1993 video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prince of Persia 1992 - I used to played this all the time on the computers from my school! ;P

Alley Cat (1984) - OmG I completely forgot about this game... pretty cool to listen the song on wikipedia!!

Digger (1983) - the first game I ever played on a computer!! =D

The Nintendo Gameboy - yey I was only 10 when my mom bought me this... my first game?! Dr.Mario lol