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BJD Plans

Someday and Dreamy Dolls

Thatch Cottage: A Comfy Chair Tutorial One of the best tut I´ve seen Simple and functional

Thatch Cottage: A Comfy Chair Tutorial

So your gnomes and fairies have something to read.


Tied Drape-Top: Use a no-fray fabric, like modal, no-fray chiffon or polar fleece for a winter version, since is a no sew no fusing, and very quick top to make. Cut a rectangle twice as long as you want your top to be, and elbow to elbow wide. Then fold to find the center (use chalk to mark it, i used a pointed line in the drawing). Cut the neck hole on one side of the pointed line (a triangle or half a circle would work fine, you can tweak it later) and put it on. Mark waist...

Camp Doll Diaries – Stock the Doll Coffee Shop with Treats

Camp Doll Diaries - Stock the Doll Coffee Shop with Treats

Backdrop/Scenery for 1/3 1/4 BJD Doll Super Dollfie by DollsVogue, $11.99

Nine9 Style Deep Grey-Silver BJD Wig (8-9) in Heat Resistant Fiber $24.00

Nine9Style Cream pink-Cream blonde (9-10) BJD wig - heat resistant fiber $24.00

Pocket Watch - Silver - Fits 1/3 SD and 1/4 MSD Dolls as well as others $15.00

iplehouse SID Man Valinteno shirt | Luxuriously soft knit T-shirt material. Eyelet + string decor is unique and, it gives a good look. Pajama-style, fitted jeans-style and even formal style.

iplehouse SID man Black Hooded Vest

iplehouse SID Storm

DW-33 For Delf (Teal Blue) -Heat Resistant Fiber - $23.00

DW-90 For Delf (Grayish Blue) -Heat Resistant Fiber. $23.00

Vintage Tiny Brass Heart Locket Charm 10 mm by KeyLimeSupplies, $1.50

BJD / Dollfie CREATE your own wig 3 inch length by MonstroDesigns, $10.00

A-S BB Firmiana Dress (CL6809200) - My little Topaz needs this outfit to match her brother.

A-S White Night (CL110415Z) - Alastyre needs this outfit.

SD BJD Necklace Heart Locket w/ Pearl Made by blackteacreations, $12.00

My Dragon (loongsoul YingLong) is finally on his way home!! Just got the notice that he's on his way after 8 long months of waiting!!