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Optical Illusions

This illusion will teach you what Van Gogh was trying to do with his Starry Night painting

I'm only a shadow of myself.


this floor is perfectly flat..

There should be 11 faces on this picture. Average people see 4-6, sensible 8-10. The best see all 11, schizophrenics and paranoids 12 and more. And you?

Can you see the younger couple within the older couple, either side of the vase?

Do you see a young woman or an older woman with a large nose?

Optical Illusion - 3D effect

If at a normal viewing distance if you see Marilyn then you need glasses or an eyetest.

Compare the upside-down face on the left of the lower figure with the upright face on the right. The upside-down version looks much thinner, – altogether a longer shaped face than the upright version. Of course the pictures are identical. This illusion illustrates the internal features of the face, (eyes, nose, mouth) can distort our perception of face shape.

This demonstrates that what you hear can depend upon what you see.

Look at this figure upside down and you will see it's amazingly clever and funny