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Boston Loves Impressionism—Winning Works

We invited you to choose your favorite Impressionist works for our new exhibition. The top works will be unveiled on Valentine's Day.

Edgar Degas, Ballet Dancer with Arms Crossed, about 1872.

Edgar Degas, At the Races in the Countryside, 1869.

Claude Monet, Valley of the Creuse, Sunlight Effect, 1889.

Paul Cézanne, Fruit and a Jug on a Table, about 1890–94.

Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral, Façade, 1894.

Claude Monet, Entrance to the Village of Vétheuil in Winter, 1879.

Claude Monet, Flower Beds at Vétheuil, 1881.

Gustave Caillebotte, Man at His Bath Man Drying Himself, 1884.

Claude Monet, Cap d'Antibes, Mistral 1888.

Claude Monet, Valley of the Creuse, Gray Day, 1889.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mixed Flowers in an Earthenware Pot, about 1869.

Claude Monet, Ships in a Harbor, about 1873.

Pierre-Auguste Renior, Woman with a Parasol and Small Child on a Sunlit Hillside, about 1874–76.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Landscape on the Coast, near Menton, 1883.

Edgar Degas, Racehorses at Longchamp, 1871.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Children on the Seashore, Guernsey, about 1883.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Grand Canal, Venice, 1881.

Claude Monet, Grand Canal, Venice, 1908.

Vincent van Gogh, Ravine, 1889.

Claude Monet, Rue de la Bavole, Honfleur, about 1864.

Gustave Caillebotte, Fruit Displayed on a Stand, about 1881–82.

Pierre-Auguste Renior, "Girls Picking Flowers in a Meadow, about 1890.

Camille Pissarro, Two Peasant Women in a Meadow (Le Pré), 1893.

Claude Monet, Morning on the Seine, near Giverny, 1897.

Edgar Degas, Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, original model 1878–81, cast after 1921.