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Setting Technology Limits for Kids - The plan is to have the children meet certain criteria before they're allowed to use technology (e.g., eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.)

Setting Technology Limits for Kids -

Are You A Distracted Parent? GREAT trips to keep the focus on the family, rather than on your phone.

Are You A Distracted Parent? - Jill Savage

Dear {distracted} Mom. Put Down the Phone! - Modern Mama

Dear {distracted} Mom. Put Down the Phone! - Modern Mama

Social Media, Tech, and Your Tween/Teen: a comprehensive guide to help you be in the know and set healthy, happy boundaries with your kids.

Social Media, Tech, and Your Teen - More to Be

Parenting in the digital age means that cell phones are a fact of life for most moms and dads. Here are 10 Cell Phone Rules for Parents. #parenting #technology

Check out these Do's and Don'ts in order to successfully parent in the digital age. #parenting #technology #iMOM

Parenting in the Digital Age | Bright House Blog – House2House

How much time are your kids really spending in front of a screen every week? Use our Screen Time Tracker to find out. #parenting #rules #technology

Screen Time Tracker

Afraid your kids are going to spend the rest of their lives planted in front of a TV screen or computer screen? Our Screen Time Tickets can help prevent screen time from becoming all the time. #parenting #digitalage #technology

Screen Time Tickets

iMOM Director Susan Merrill and Social Media Expert Daniel Mogg share some information on Parental Settings in this iMOM Tech Tutorial.

Today’s parental control software options make it simple and allow you to give your children levels of freedom based upon their maturity and trustworthiness. #parenting #technology #electronics

Parental Controls for Kids' Electronics

The app world is ever changing – especially for kids, tweens, and teens. As a parent, you need to be the one to consider your child’s maturity level and trustworthiness, and then decide how much you’re willing to risk exposing your children to. #parenting #apps #technology

Letting your children have a cell phone can be a great tool for staying in touch with them and keeping them safe. But cell phone use can also be a point of contention. So, read over our Cell phone Contract with your child and talk about the guidelines. #parenting #technology

The Internet is an amazing place where your child can see and meet the world. What part of that world is safe for your child should be determined by you. Discussing and enforcing this contract will help you protect your child on the internet. #parenting #technology #iMOM

Great tips for recognizing the downsides of technology use AND for helping our kids to avoid them.

Do you need a healthier media diet?

Advice to help you protect your family from the digital invasion.

All of our smart phones, tablets, social media, and the whole lot can (and should) be used to promote a closer bond with our kids. How do we do that? Here are 5 ways to use technology to bond with your kids!