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Celtic Wood Carving Figures | Celtic Wood Carving | Carving Wood

Celtic Wood Carving | Carving Wood

Detail from the doors from the palace at Ikere-Ekiti (an eastern Yoruba kingdom) carved by the renowned and innovative sculptor Olowe of Ise; Wood and pigment; Period; late 19th century ( © Werner Forman Archive)

This carved elephant ivory plaque excavated from the Assyrian city of Nimrud with traces of its original gold leaf and paint dates from the 9th to the 7th centuries BC. (British Museum, London)

This is a natural edge redwood calabash. The black edge on the rim is because the stump this came from had charring on the outside from forest fires. Turning by Jerry Kermode (

Haida Dagger Hilt ca 1800-1840 Walrus ivory, iron Fenimore Art Museum

Detail of some carvings on the Portonaccio Sarcophagus. It was the sarcophagus of a high-ranking Roman soldier who served under Marcus Aurelius.

Scandinavian carving @ Epcot Center

Louvre, Mésopotamie This carving is so fresh and evocative. It will have captured and stimulated the imagination of countless generations.

Chinese Koi Carving, Center for Holistic Medicine, Asheville

For thousands of years Aboriginal groups in central New South Wales marked important ceremonial sites by carving beautiful, ornate designs on the trunks of trees. The carvings, comprising symbolic motifs, intricate swirls, circles and zigzags, were intended to be long-lasting but, instead, only a handful of the trees on which they were carved are still alive today.

red jade dragon carving