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Things I want to do

bucket list, buy a ticket to a random destination...spend the day there and fly home. Epic vacation

All of our memories in a frame. My husband and I kept all concert tickets, festival passes, wrist bands, hotel cards, love notes, etc., created a collage and framed it. It's by our front door so everyone that comes in our home gets a glance of 'us' :)

cute, cheap decoration ideas for a vintage circus themed kids birthday party.

a little glass box: Dollar store gone Uptown...

DIY Coil iPhone Cable - not sure if heating the cable would damage it...

DIY Coil iPhone Cable

Color Cloud - it's raining it's pouring

Paper Party | Color Cloud

Project Desk in Craft Room-3. This is a cute idea for all kinds of storage in any room.

Updating and Organizing the Craft Room - Unskinny Boppy

Graduation Announcement .. This is being filed for my daughter in 2+ years. Love it.