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Short nails

Since I was a little girl I always bite my nails and finally now I'm getting them longer (still short nails but at least not bitten) and love to paint them, not with those complicated nail art design, just combine colors and shapes without looking too freaky for me.

I am not sure how that is even possible to do but it is really pretty and cool!

See what a nail polish color will look like without the mess by placing a small piece on your nail and doing a quick test. so many great tips on this site

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  • Mariangela Venutolo

    think, maybe I'm wrong, is "Mademoiselle" but like I'm not sure you can visit Essie Nail Polish's facebook page. You'll find this picture and you can ask them. And also I think the heart is painted, not a sticker, is so well done, right? I love this nails. Visit Essie Nail Polish is really good and they have great colors! This is theirs photo album:

  • Carissa Bertrand

    It's "Lady Like".

  • Mariangela Venutolo

    So great to know Carissa! Thank you so much! :) I don't know if I can find the Essie Nail Polish in Venezuela. Does someone knows?

  • Carissa Bertrand

    im sure you can go to and order is online and have it mailed to you! international shipping charges will apply though.

  • Mariangela Venutolo

    Of course!!!! :op My brother lives in NY so I'll send them to him and he'll give it to me later, so I don't pay the international shipping, is too expensive!!! Thank you for the tips!!!!

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