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Dogs and Their Stories

"OMG! See How Caring And Generous This Junkyard Dog Is! I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It! | The Animal Rescue Site Blog"

Here it is.

Heroic Bosnians Brave Dangerous Floodwaters to Save Dogs

Heroes brave dangerous flood waters in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sarajevo to save dogs. There is a picture of a very small child up to his armpits in water holding a very small puppy even higher...

Heroic Bosnians Brave Dangerous Floodwaters to Save Dogs

What Happens When a Man with Alzheimer’s is with his Dog | WOOFipedia, provided by the American Kennel Club

before and after photos of shelter dogs - Shelter & rescue PR

Shelter dogs benefit from the power of a photo: Before and after

Dog Training Tips: Train Your Dog’s Brain (His Body Will Follow) Yup. I'm going to list this under "Dogs and Their Stories" even if it's just the first page of a new chapter. :-)

"Wellesley Police Web News Update: Dog Rescued From Icy Charles River" Dr. London reminds us of how the qualities we train for everyday helped to make this rescue possible...

The Divinity of Dogs. Lots of dog stories! If you're not much of a reader the stories are short! If you have a reluctant reader child who loves dogs - consider it! Doesn't violate my faith. Our Creator (human and canine) is awesome!

"Stanley Coren's Library" I love his stories, his insightful observations, and his creative training techniques! How many dogs do you know who will throw a frisbee back at you!

more of the ongoing story..."The Political Environment: Wisconsin Sport Hunters Can Throw Their Dogs To The Wolves Monday"