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Whenever somebody calls me ugly I get super sad and hug them because I know how hard life is for the visually impaired.

I would so accept a date and some broccoli from a dude that did that for me, and I don't even like broccoli :P

Best way to flirt…


You Have Most Of My Heart

Glinda, subtly insulting people since 1939.

She Shoulda Stayed in Black and White

LOVE this! lol

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 65 Pics

So... Like An Egyptian Goddess?

So… Like An Egyptian Goddess?

Guilty! I thought everyone did this. No?

9 Amazing Night Sky of 9 Darkened Cities by thierrycohen via 9gag #Night_Sky #Light_Pollution

9 Amazing Night Sky of 9 Darkened Cities

Yep! Pretty much! This is how my best friend who is coming home from his mission is going to feel pretty soon here (: