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Micah Naeger
Micah Naeger
Micah Naeger

Micah Naeger

Even if I like the movie...I want to original book cover

  • Randy Mccann

    Oops Katie

  • A Jordan

    Amen. The best way to spread the gospel is to love. Be examples of what Jesus is, when he was on this earth He didnt sit and exclusively associate with the leafers and priests, He dwelled with the lowly and lost. Lowly and lost is exactly what we all are/were.

  • Ælun Crombie

    Sorry for rant its late and i cannot sleep. Still why do you force yourself to believe that you are a sinner that even your basic desires as a human are a sin?

  • Katie Kelley

    Because even from the dawn of time People have been sinning and that's where Jesus came in to be our savior. Like how Adam and Eve are of the fruit.

  • Randy Mccann

    All men were born with a sinful nature....but Christ defeated sin at the was a finished work...he took care of the sin that condemned mankind to all those who believe on him....we're saved by his Grace alone.

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The happiness paper hat.

I have these moments. Lol

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This.

Cats stuck in things...