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when i'm a teacher

Keep a copy of when students master the standards, check it off so you can easily see who has mastered the standards. -- I can make my own, but this is good inspiration. Keep a checklist with student names for the entire class, and use marzano scales for the individual students.

Mrs. Hoffer's Kindergarten: Ho w to Keep Data

Set up a "homework options" chart. Maybe put a weekday at the top of each column, allow them to choose from that column. Staple to the top of all completed hw on Friday, with their choice for each night colored in/signed.

Spelling Menu.pdf - Google Drive

sight word ball. Dollar store beach ball and a sharpie, add new words as you learn them :)

Play Sight Ball {Early Literacy Game} - Carrots Are Orange

NOISE…removing one letter at a time when our voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking! Love this! A lot clearer than just putting up strikes on the board or letting the noise escalate to a point where you just cut off talking. It also gives the kids a chance to regain control of their noise before it gets to that point.

GREAT idea for homework organization---or any work that needs to be turned in! You can quickly see who is missing their work!

2nd Grade Stuff: Managing Your Turn-In Tray Using Clothespins

Store math manipulative in Tupperware, students can grab a tub and use them at their desk. Do this for base 10 blocks, counters and money.

Teaching in High Heels: Guest Blogger...Teri

Classroom Decor Classroom Sign Teacher by LittleLifeDesigns -- I will definitely use this is my classroom because it gives each student a sense of value...that they are respected and loved in my classroom. It also creates a welcoming environment and that is something that I want to have in my classroom. 3370

The Turn-in Bin: Kids turn their clothespin over to show the green dot when their assignment is in the bucket. So smart!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Monday Made It: The Turn-In Bin

IEP Tubs: everything to work on each IEP is in the tub: materials and data sheets and instructions on the clipboard under each basket.

The Autism Adventures of Room 83: IEP Tubs