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Michael Ann Rearick
Michael Ann Rearick
Michael Ann Rearick

Michael Ann Rearick

Why have I never thought of this, buy blank canvases and buy cute fabric to staple over it!

I Love My Classroom: Comparing Numbers - A Silly Little Game

christmas bulletin board from hand-me-down ideas

Rainbow treasure hunt! (alternate idea from a comment: As a kid I went to a friend’s birthday party where her mom did something similar–except, each skein of yarn was wrapped around the room individually, leading to personalized gift bags. It was a giant maze that forced everyone to crawl all around, under and over each other to follow our trail. She tied the end opposite of the gift bag to a TP roll, so that we could wind up the yarn as we went. It was a blast!)

or when you find the wrapper to the Easter Bunny's gift in your mom's room

Room mom thank you gifts

Pin Now, Check out later: 3000 songs to use in lesson plans! I LOVE using music to teach!

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just grab a yard of your favorite fabric and a few different size canvas and staple... EASY!!

PB oat breakfast cookies. High protein, no flour or processed sugar. (Ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, applesauce, vanilla, quick oatmeal, nuts, optional chocolate chips)

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