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I went 1/5 one New Year's Eve in HS doing this. I amazed the seasoned games with my mad skillz. They thought I was cheating the first time so my b/f at the time sat and watched my hands the second round. It was great.

He didn’t even see it coming… Never fight with a mime. They are related to clowns, and the only good clown is the bullet-riddled corpse of one.

Destroy Racism be like a Panda

Still on the internet, 40 years later... the part about sherlock series 3 had me laughing and sobbing. well done.

Complete List of Shawn and Gus Nicknames and aliases on Psych – Lassiter, Henry Spencer and Juliet O´Hara added

You Can Always Count On SomeECards To Deliver The LOLs - Ned Hardy | Ned Hardy

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.

Evolution of the cell phone. Including Fisher Price! Keeping this to show the kids someday!